Clyde and Luke on a Spaceship

Clyde and Luke on a spaceship

Warriors of Kudlak
Series One, Story Four
Episode guide
Eye of the Gorgon
Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?

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Part OneEdit

Luke and Clyde are taken to a spaceship after winning a game of Lazer Tag, and Sarah Jane and Maria figure out what it was that made children go missing. Luke and Clyde find other children on the spaceship, and Sarah Jane and Maria are put in front of a gun!

Part TwoEdit

Sarah Jane and Maria get on board the spaceship, only to find that all the children have dissapeared! They search all over the ship, and finally find them all when Mr. Kudlack appears, wanting to take them all to fight an alien war! Can Sarah Jane save everyone, or will she and Maria get taken aswell?


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Notes and TriviaEdit

This is the fourth episode of the first series. This is probably the least popular episode of series 1, along with revenge of the slitheen.


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Filming LocationsEdit

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External LinksEdit

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