Untitled Story
Series 6, Story 1
Air date October 1, 2012 (expected)
Written by Russell T. Davis
Starring Elizabeth Sladen
Episode guide
[[Halloween Special]]

An Untitled Story, was to have been the first episode of a sixth series of The Sarah Jane Adventures, and the first out of five specials, but due to the unexpected death of Elizabeth Sladen, in April 2011, the story never even came to function.

Plot Edit

It would have seen, Sarah Jane getting used to life, without, Clyde, Rani, Sky and Luke after their departures in The Battle of Bannerman Road, and the guest appearance of Ace, the Doctor's former companion, explaining what happened in her life after leaving the Doctor. The Seventh Doctor also would have made a appearance. Ace would then be Sarah Jane's new companion, revealing a dark secret.

Cast and Characters Edit

Special Guest Stars Edit

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