The Shopkeeper
Vital statistics
Name The Shopkeeper
Status Alive
Friend/Foe Friend
Home Planet Earth
Species Human
Appearances Lost in Time and Sky
Actor Cyril Nri

The Shopkeeper is a character in The Sarah Jane Adventures seen in series 4 and series 5.


In Lost in Time he puts Sarah Jane Smith, Rani Chandra and Clyde Langer into different places into time. He does this to make them fix the places in time. At the end of the episode he tells them he would once again see them.

In Sky he returns breifly at the end of the episode and it told that he gave Sky Smith to Sarah Jane Smith. He once again said he would see her again in due time. This was his final appearance in the series.


  • The Shopkeeper makes two appearances. The appearance in Lost in Time was credited but wasn't credited in Sky
  • The character could of returned. When he said goodbye to Sarah Jane Smith in Sky

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