Berserker pendants were talismanscreated by Berserkers which gave the bearer the ability to order people to do as they wished. if it's the main antagonist of Sarah Jane Adventures two part story from Mark of the berserker.

The Pendant

The Pendant


Each time it was used, the pendant slightly changed the bearer both physically and mentally until the bearer desired to complete the transformation into a Berserker. During transformation, the user would develop prominent blue veins over the skin's surface, and their irises would turn icy blue and a blue tattoo like mark one the users right palm. The final form had the appearance of a man wearing animal skins. The only cure, if done early enough, was to remind the affected person who they were so that the memories would reassert their identity.

The pendant had the ability to give the user control over others, controlling thir body, will and altering emotions. However, the pendant didn't always give the user the ability to take away free will. It was also able to to control the electrical impulses in the brain, as shown by Jacob West as he ordered Steve Wallace, Mr Cunninghamand his classmates to be quiet; it caused their brains to stop sending signals to the vocal chords, causing them to loose their ability to speak as well as stopping them from moving even with their free will intact. As shown by Paul Langer, it was also able of suppressing someone's memories.

There were three known ways the pendant could take back every order of those who used it. When Rani Chandra used it on Haresh Chandra, she then told him to forget everything she told him, turning him back to normal state of mind. As Jacob began tranforming into a Berserker, he resisted and begged the pendant to take back every order he gave when he was using it. After Paul Langer was freed from the pendant's influence, everyone that he had used it on had were returned to normal. (TV: The Mark of the Berserker)



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