The Nightmare Man
Series Four, Story One
Nightmare Show
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The Gift
The Vault of Secrets


Part OneEdit

Luke tells Sarah that Haresh Chandra the proncipal says that Luke can go to uni a year early and Sarah thought it was a good time for him to tell her as a bomb was going to go off and a Slitheen came up. Rani and Clyde came with a bucket of Vinegar and destroyed the Slitheen.

Part TwoEdit

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  • The Children of Time - Luke mentions The Doctor and his friends defending Earth.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • A book was due for release in 2010 but has since been canceled.
  • This is the second story Luke has a nightmare (the first being Enemy of the Bane with Mrs Wormwood) and both have been the enemy.


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Filming LocationsEdit

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