The Battle of Bannerman Road
Series 5, Story 11-12
[[The Battle of Barrowman Road Unproduced Story Illustration 1 DWMSE 32|250px]]
Air date October 31, 2011 (expected)
Starring Elizabeth Sladen
Episode guide
[[The Thirteenth Floor]]
[[Full Moon]]

The Battle of Bannerman Road was to have been the 11-12th episodes of the fifth series, of The Sarah Jane Adventures, but due to the tragic death of Elizabeth Sladen in April 2011, it left half of the series unfilmed, resulting to The Man Who Never Was, being the final ever episode of the whole series.

Plot Edit

This story would have seen the return of The Trickster and the big revelation that Sky was his child. Then, Trickster would turn Sarah Jane's attic into a tower and make Sky evil to attack Sarah.

Trivia Edit

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