Smith And Jones


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Doctor Who Series 3


31 March 2007



Smith and Jones was the first story of the third series of the BBC Wales version of Doctor Who. It introduced the Judoon species, a new version of the sonic screwdriver and, more notably, was the televised debut of companion Martha Jones and her family. It also firmly established that Harold Saxon was well-known to ordinary members of theBritish public, and obliquely suggested through set decoration that he was standing for the office ofPrime Minister in 2008 — something which had been previously teased by TVLove & Monsters,Captain Jack Harkness and The Runaway Bride.

The soundtrack was notable for the introduction of several new leitmotifs — including the much-used "Martha's Theme" that turned up even in Jones' later Torchwood appearances. Furthermore, it featured the first extra-diegetic use of hip hop in Doctor Who history, in the form of Arrested Development's "Sunshine" to introduce Martha and her family at the very top of the episode. Due to a quirk of release scheduling, this was also the first time that Doctor Who served to premiere a song in the United States. "Sunshine" wasn't released in America until Halloween 2007, months after the US release of Smith and Jones.


[show]==SYNOPSIS edit==

Just when it seemed it would be yet another chaotic day managing her family's disputes,Martha Jones finds trouble waiting for her at work. Trapped on the Moon with space rhinos looking for a criminal and the air running out, she will have to come to trust a seemingly mad stranger calling himself "the Doctor". But can the Tenth Doctor save the day this time?

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