Sky Smith
Vital statistics
Name Sky Smith
Alias Sparky
Affiliation Sarah Jane Smith

Luke Smith

Status Alive
Friend/Foe Friend
Home Planet Unknown planet in the Tornado nebula
Appearances Sky to The Man Who Never Was
Actor Sinead Michael

Sky Smith is the adopted daughter of Sarah Jane Smith. adopted Granddaughter of Barbara and Eddie Smith and adopted niece of Africana and Lavinia and adopted second cousin of Brendan Richards. She debuts in season 5, episode 1.


Sky is first seen as a human baby, when she arrives at Sarah Jane's doorstep early on a Sunday morning. Sarah Jane then contacts Rani Chandra and Clyde Langer asking for help.

During her debut episode, Sky blows all the lights on Bannerman Road and meets Rani's mother, Gita Chandra. Gita prompts Sarah Jane to give a name to the baby, and as Sarah Jane earlier mentions that she seems to have fallen from the sky, Sky receives her name.

At the end of the episode, Sky 'primes' herself and uses her energy to change her appearance into that of a teenager.


  • Sky's debut episode was also called Sky.
  • She is the first character to debut in an episode with the same name.
  • Unlike her (adopted) big brother Luke she never called Sarah Jane "Mum" except once when she said "But Mum!"
  • After they got back from the nuclear power plant she made a very funny joke "What do you call a man who wears paper trousers?" to which she answered "Russel".
  • In the 5th Doctor audio story "Lily" it is revealed that she has at least one niece named Lily who has Autistic Spectrum Disorder (Autism for short).
  • She led the effort to prevent the escape of the most dangerous alien criminal in the universe Hetacometek. Which is similar to when Sarah Jane and The (4th) Doctor stopped Sutekh from escaping his prison pyramid on Mars behind the Galactic Federations' backs and destroying all life on Earth just like he did to his own home Planet Phester Osiris


  • She also has a mildly short temper which is shown in the scene in the storage room. She and Luke had been put in by the Serf Systems security guards where she said "Aliens Aren't Bad Harrison is it just makes me so angry!"
  • However in the curse of Clyde Langer Part 2, when she is in the attic she does not lose her temper.
  • Also in the Curse Of Clyde Langer, She & Mr.Smith Shared One Thing They Were Immune To The Curse On Clyde's Name As They Aren't Human.

If The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation: The Doctor Who Production Team ) Ever Asked Sinead Michael To Come Back And Guest Star In An Episode Of The Upcoming Season 9 As Her Sarah Jane Adventures Role (Sky Smith) Probably When They Do Jenna Louise Coleman's (Clara Oswald's) Departure Episode After Which Sinead Michael Follows In Elisabeth Sladen's Footsteps And Joins The Cast Of Doctor Who Permanently.



A Girl.

A Bomb.



In A Museum.

A Typewriter.

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