Series 3 was brodcast between 15th October 2009 and 20th November 2009.


Sarah Jane returns, but she is not alone. She is assisted by Rani,Luke,Clyde,K9 and of course Mr.Smith. She fights new aliens and old ones. She reunites with old friends and makes new ones. Is she ready to fight them.


1. Prisoner of the Judoon

2.The Mad Woman In The Attic

3.The Wedding Of Sarah Jane Smith

4.The Eternity Trap

5. Mona Lisa's Revenge

6. The Gift


Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane

Anjli Mohindra as Rani Chandra

Tommy Knight  as Luke Smith

Daniel Anthony as Clyde Langer

John Leeson as the voice of K9

Alexander Armstrong as the voice of Mr. Smith


Paul Marc Davis (The Trickster)  makes his final appearance

Carla Langer does not appear in the series

K9 becomes a series regular in The Mad Woman in the Attic

Brian Miller guest stars.

David Tennant guest stars

Professor Rivers appears for the last time [until Sky]

The series is the first to be brodcast in HD

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