Series 1 of The Sarah Jane Adventures was shown on 1 January 2007 and between 24 September and 19 November 2007


0.Invasion of the Bane

1.Revenge of the Slitheen

2.Eye of the Gorgon

3.Warriors of Kudlak

4.Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?

5.The Lost Boy


Maria Jackson moves into Bannerman Road with her newly divorced dad and meets Sarah Jane Smith who lives across the road. She discovers that Sarah Jane has a robot dog and a supercomputer in the wall. She also meets Sarah Jane's adopted son Luke Smith and makes friends with a boy called Clyde Langer.


Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith

Yasmin Paige as Maria Jackson

Tommy Knight as Luke Smith

Daniel Anthony as Clyde Langer

Alexander Armstrong as the voice of Mr Smith

John Leeson as the voice of K-9

Juliet Cowan as Chrissie Jackson

Joseph Millson as Alan Jackson


Maria Jackson debuts

Luke Smith debuts

Clyde Langer debuts

Mr Smith debuts

Alan Jackson debuts

Chrissie Jackson debuts

Krislok the Graske

Trickster debuts

Mrs Wormwood debuts

Professor Rivers debuts

Park Vale School makes it's first location appearance.

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