Rani Chandra
Rani Chandra
Vital statistics
Name Rani Chandra
Alias Lady Rani
Status Alive
Friend/Foe Friend
Home Planet Earth
Species Human
Appearances List of Appearances
Actor Anjli Mohindra
Rani Chandra is a new girl who replaced Maria and moved into her old home along with her parents. She then becomes a part of Sarah Jane Smith's gang and becomes best friends with Luke and Clyde. Then later becomes friends with Sky.


Clyde has shown signs of affection towards Rani but if Rani feels the same way is unknown. Their friendship grows stronger in Empty Planet.


Rani has long dark brown hair and brown eyes and a slender face.  She most normally wears patterened tops, avoiding brightly coloured clothing. She wears a denim jacket to school and often jeans when out investigating with Sarah Jane  but sometimes she wears plain black leggings.


Rani is intelligent, feisty, and kind-hearted with a sense of humour.

She has a strong interest in journalism as this is what she plans to do for a job. She loves investigating aliens with Sarah Jane , Luke and Clyde


Rani has known Sarah Jane longer only than Sky

Rani never met K-9 in her first series.

The Doctor once battled an alien called The Rani.

Behind the ScenesEdit

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