Nicola, Queen of Androzani, was the second protagonist of a story named The Towers of Avalon. Sarah Jane Smith had read this story to the gang


Nicola was born in England, in the year 1751. When she was 10, she met the young prince Avalon. Seven years after, Nicola felled in love with him. Some months after their marriage, Nicola became pregnant with him. But Colin, the son of the Lord Davison, hated the couple and had planned kill Avalon, who he hated very much.

Everything seemed to be in the end. Avalon threathened of death by the son of a Lord, and his wife had become pregnant by him. One day, Colin "visited" Avalon and Nicola, and she reveled that she became pregnant to they both. Colin become furious and said that Avalon was marked to die. Later,  Miss Brown, the sister of Colin, visited Nicola to help her with the baby. Colin called his sister "My Miss Brown"

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