Nanoforms were nanites created by Genetec Systems.


The Nanoforms were tiny robots that deconstructed objects on a molecular level and then reconstructed them into a new form. They needed to be kept at sub-zero temperatures to remain inactive. Prisoner of the Judoon


The Nanoforms were created by Genetec Systems, but the could only make extremely minor modifications. Genetec falsified their results and claimed to be able to do more advanced tricks. When Sarah Jane Smith investigated them, she was thrown out of the building

When Androvax  later took over her body, she used the knowledge contained in Mr Smith  to correct the problems, allowing the Nanoforms to work. She programmed them to reproduce, create a spacecraft to escape Earth  and to then dissolve the planet. When Androvax was captured, Luke Smith  was able to reprogram the Nanoforms to stop. ( Prisoner of the Judoon )

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