Mr. Smith
Mr Smith
Vital statistics
Name Mr. Smith
Title Mr Smith
Alias The Xylok, Super Computer
Status Alive
Friend/Foe Neutral
Home Planet the Xylok meteorite
Species Xylok

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Mr. Smith is a giant super computer hidden behind a chimney breast in Sarah Jane's attic.After Sarah Jane was given a crystal from the great eruption of Krakatoa from a scientist for analysis. After leaving the crystal by her desktop one night, she found it started to comunicate with the desktop and it then spoke to Sarah.

Eventually (after being assisted by Sarah Jane) it grew into the Mr. Smith we know and love today. After helping Sarah Jane, Clyde, Luke and Maria we find out in the episode The Lost Boy  we find out that Mr. Smith is in fact a Xylok, a crystaline life form who is destined to destroy the Earth and release the rest of his race from beneath the Earth's crust, where they had been buried for sixty million years after crashing to Earth as a meteorite.

Eventually after Maria's dad (Alan Jackson) uploaded an apocolypse virus to Mr. Smith did Sarah Jane reprogramme him to have a new destiny- defending the earth. From this Mr. Smith can be found defending the earth with Sarah Jane.


Mr. Smith is very deadpan, and has no sense of humour until he is rebooted then Sarah Jane remarks that he has gained a sense of humour. He originally does not like K9, but eventually begins to warm to 'that metal dog'.

Other InformationEdit

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Behind the ScenesEdit

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  • Mr. Smith's only on-screen battle was with K-9.

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