Mina Anwar
Mina Anwar
Vital statistics
Name Mina Anwar
Age 44
Role Gita Chandra

Mina Anwar (born 20 September 1969). She is known best for her acting, which she has done since 1995.


Mina made her first on-screen debut in 1995 in TV series called 99-1, were she played the role of Dr. Resdale. She played the role just for one episode. In the same year she landed her first big role on a TV show called The Thin Blue Line, she played the role of P.C. Habib. She played the role for 14 episodes and from 1995 to 1996. She carried on making smaller appearances in TV shows until 2003 were she played the role of Dr Sandra Malik for four episodes in The Bill.

She carried on making appearances in TV shows a like. Mina appeared in Coronation Street as the role of Ravinder Kalirai, from 2005 to 2006. She also appeared in The Invisibles in 2008, which she appeared in multiple episodes as Helen.

Mina landed a major part in CBBC show The Sarah Jane Adventures as Gita Chandra from 2008 until 2011. A year later in 2009 she also landed yet another major part in a TV show, Scoop from 2009 until 2011.The year both of these shows ended she was casted in yet another kids TV show, House of Anubis as the role of Trudy. She played the role from 2011 until 2013, when the series came to an end. She appeared in 100+ episodes.

Her latest roles have been in Remember Me, Happy Valley, Rocket's Island, In the Club, Scott and Bailey and Moving On, in which she guest starred throughout 2014.


Year Title Role
1995 99-1 Dr. Resdale
1995 Flight  Shikha 
1995-96 The Thin Blue Line P.C. Hibib
1999 Barbara  Midwife 
1999 The Flint Street Nativity Angel
2000 Maybe Baby Yasmin
2000 A Christmas Carol Julie
2002 Casualty Shelley
2002 TV to Go Various Roles 
2002 Doctors  Maria 
2002 Birthday Girl  Nina Kapoor
2003 The Bill Doctor Sandra Malik
2004 Doctors and Nurses  Sister Zita Khan
2004 Best Friends Miss Mancer 
2005 Holby City Fay Michaels 
2005 ShakespeaRe-Told  Flute 
2005-06 Coronation Street  Ravinder Kalirai
2006 The Gil Mayo Mysteries  Tina Beaverstock 
2006 No Angels  Jeena 
2008 Shameless Auntie Shaza
2008  Love Soup Antonia 
2008  The Invisibles  Helen 
2008-11 The Sarah Jane Adventures Gita Chandra
2009-11 The Scoop Selena Sharp
2010 The Infidel  Muna 
2010 A Passionate Woman  Mrs Patel 
2011-13 House of Anubis  Trudy Rehmann
2013 The Wright Way Malika Maha 
2013 The Slammer Lydia
2014 Remember Me Roshana Salim
2014 Happy Valley Mrs Mukherjee
2014 Rocket's Island Kim
2014 Scott and Bailey Eleanor Goodhead
2014 Moving On Lauren

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