Meet Mr Smith
Series 5, Story 5
[[Meet Mr Smith Unproduced Story Illustration 1 DWMSE 32|250px]]
Air date October 20, 2011 (expected)
Written by Phil Ford
Starring Elizabeth Sladen,
Anji Mohindra,
Daniel Anthony
Sinead Michael
Episode guide
[[The Man Who Never Was]]
[[The Thirteenth Floor]]

Meet Mr Smith was to have have been the fifth episode of the fifth series of The Sarah Jane Adventures, in which, Doctor Who's most popular and major character, Sarah Jane Smith, (portrayed by Elizabeth Sladen) appears on. But, however, due to the death of the actress, the episode was left un-produced resulting to The Man Who Never Was, being the last episode of the series.

Filming for this episode was due to start, April 30, 2011, but earlier that month, the show's star, Liz, had sadly passed away from cancer.

Plot Edit

This episode would have seen, Sarah Jane's alien smart-computer, Mr Smith come to life, by a Alien-creater called, Ozmo. Ozmo would then tell and control Mr Smith to steal space merchandise and to steal money from London's bank.

Cast and Characters Edit

Reccuring Edit

Aliens/Enemies Edit

Special Guest Stars Edit

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