Maria Jackson
Revenge Slitheen
Maria in the middle, with Clyde and Luke
Vital statistics
Name Maria Jackson
Status Alive: Living in America
Friend/Foe Friend
Home Planet Earth
Species Human
Appearances List of Appearances
Actor Yasmin Paige

Maria Jackson was a best friend and neighbour of Sarah Jane Smith, her son Luke Smith and joker Clyde Langer.


Early LifeEdit

Maria Jackson lived with her parents, Alan and Chrissie Jackson until she thirteen years old, when they got a divorce. (Invasion of the Bane). She moved to Ealing with her father, while her mother met a new boyfriend, called Ivan. Her parents are very protective of her and worry about her when she goes off with Sarah Jane which annoys her.

Meeting Sarah JaneEdit

Maria first met Sarah Jane, when she moved in. Maria and Sarah Jane were neighbours, along with Maria`s dad, Alan Jackson. At first, they didn't know Sarah Jane well. The night after they moved in, Maria was woken up from a light from Sarah Jane`s house. She went investigating, and found that there was an alien-like creature in her back yard. She saw Sarah Jane talking to it. She didn't believe it, and went straight back to her house. The next morning, she was woken up by her neighbour, Kesley Hooper, to go see the `Bubble shock!` factory. Although Maria wasn't that crazy about it like Kesley, she still tagged along. Meanwhile, Sarah Jane over hears the girls, and follows them, to interview Mrs. Wormwood , the head of `Bubble Shock!` She asked her why the drink had an unique ingredient that was `resisting` analysis. When only, it turned out that Mrs. Wormwood was a Bane. On her way out, Sarah Jane was almost killed by Wormwood`s secretary. In the meantime, Maria and Kesley are in the factory. Kelsey uses her phone, even thought she`s not aloud to, which upsets the Bane Mother.

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Adventures With Sarah JaneEdit

Maria had many adventures with Sarah Jane, Clyde and Luke. She, for instance, helped Sarah Jane, Clyde and Luke to defeat the Slitheens, the Sontaran [Commander Kaagh], Bane [Mrs Wormwood] and the Beserkers - which was when she was in America.

Leaving For AmericaEdit

Maria left the show because she moved to Washington DC, but the real reason Yasmin Paige (Maria) left the series was because she wanted to complete her GCSE tests, and then reappearing in the third series for a visit.


Maria was plucky, patient, kind, and inquisitive with a sense of humour and a fascination with the unlike.

Other InformationEdit


Behind the ScenesEdit

Yasmin Paige who plays Maria Jackson reduced involvement within the show due to her GCSE exams and was replaced by Rani Chandra in Series 2.

External Links and References Edit

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