Korst with his father. Hunting

Korst Goog Thekk



Home planet



Carl,Nathan Goss






Revenge Of The Slitheen,The Lost Boy


Jimmy Vee,Anton Thompson McCormick,Ryan Watson

Korst was a child of the slitheen who was a recuring chracter in series 1.


Korst was a Lutiven Day Slitheen from Raxacoricofallapatorius. He appeared in Revenge of the Slitheen and The Lost Boy. In March 2008 he travelled to Earth to take revenge for the events of DW Aliens Of London. He was accompinied by other Lutiven Day Slitheen who murdered obese teachers. His first televised kill was of a obese clever 14 year old boy called Carl for his skin. When he attended Park Vale School he disguise himself as Carl. He pretended to be an ally of Luke, while Maria and Clyde were running away he revealed himself and was chasing them. At the end of Part 2 he was supposedly dead with his father.

A few months later in The Lost Boy he returned this time murdering a 12 year old genius called Nathan Goss and disguising himself as him ,teaming up with two slitheen who were disguised as Luke's parents and Mr Smith(villain) to avenge his father 's death. After his plan failed he helped Sarah Jane Smith to defeat Mr Smith and reprogram him. At the end of Part 2 he escaped.

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