Joseph Millson
Vital statistics
Name Joseph Millson
Age 39
Home Town Berkshire
Role Alan Jackson

Joseph Millson (born 27 April 1974) is known mainly for his acting on TV and in theatre. He is also known for his singing. His career started in 1998.


Joseph started his acting in TV in 1998 were he starred in In Exile as Raphael just for one episode. A year later he starred in Peak Practice from 1999 to 2001, were he played the role of Dr Sam Morgan for 23 episodes. After this he guest starred in various of TV shows like Holby City, EastEnders, Doctors and other shows. 

His next major part was in 2007 when he landed the part of Alan Jackson in The Sarah Jane Adventures, which he played for 12 episodes in total. He bowed out the role in 2008, alongside Yasmin Paige and Juliet Cowan. Aftet this he went back to just guest starring in shows like Midsumer Murders, Survivors and other major shows. 

In 2011 he returned to Holby City but this time as a major part. He played the role of Luc Hemingway, Joseph bowed out the role in 2013. 

Joseph Millson is best known for his work in theatre. In the same year he started his career in TV he also made his first appearance in theatre. The theatre production he starred in was called Black Comedy were he played the role of Georg Bamberger. Once again he carried on making small appearances in theatre that was until 2003 were he was casted as Orlando in As You Like it. He played the role until 2004. He appeared in major productions like King John, Hamelt, Love Never Dies and other productions. His latest production he has starred in was in Macbeth were he played the main role 'Macbeth.'


Year Title  Role
1998 In Exile  Raphael
1999-01 Peek Practice Dr Sam Morgan
2002 EastEnders Jason James
2002-13 Holby City Paul Fry (2002) and Luc Hemingway (2011-13)
2003 Doctors Steve Parkinson
2005 ShakespeaRe-Told Billy Banquo 
2005 The Ghost Squad DS Vinny Thomas
2006 New Tricks Tom Christie 
2006 Casino Royale  Carter 
2007-08 The Sarah Jane Adventures Alan Jackson
2007 Talk To Me  Woody
2008 Midsumer Muders James Parkes
2008 Harlet Street Jeff Turner 
2008 Survivors  Jimmy Garland 
2009 Ashes to Ashes  Dr Battleford 
2009 Comedy Showcase  Matthew Bear
2009 Enid  Hanly Blyton
2010 S.N.U.B! Bomb Disposal NCO
2011 Reunited  Martin 
2011 The Romantics Lord Bryon
2011 Mount Pleasant  Mark

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