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Santiago Jones(Grandson), Clifford Jones(Husband)

Josephine "Jo" Jones (née Grant) was a civilian employee of UNIT, whom the Brigadier assigned to the Third Doctor after the departure of Liz Shaw. Initially a laboratory assistant to the Doctor, she became a travelling companion to the Doctor during one-off missions for the Lords Time Lords, and after his exile on Earth was entirely lifted.


Jo Grant was born in 1951. (PROSE:Carpenter/Butterfly/Baronet)

During her childhood, Jo used to holiday at the seaside with her parents, her uncle and her grandfather. Her grandfather, who smoked a pipe, always used to spoil her. He often bought her ice cream behind her parents' backs, observing, "What's the harm? Life's too short." He died in 1958 when his granddaughter was seven years old.

Jo met the Doctor when the Master was using the Nestene Consciousness to conquerEarth. Though the Doctor initially rejected Jo as scientifically incompetent, the Brigadier was correct in his assertion that what the Doctor needed was "someone to pass you your test tubes and tell you how brilliant you are". Even though Jo washypnotised by the Master into bringing a bomb into UNIT HQ in an attempt to blow up the Doctor, she provide him with kindness.


Jo was told of the Doctor's death. She brought her grandson Santiago with her to the funeral at UNIT Base 5. There, she met and bonded with Sarah Jane who had been her immediate successor as companion of the Doctor. She seemed sad on learning the Doctor had returned to Sarah, but never her after she had left - being unaware of the Tenth Doctor's secret visit shortly before his regeneration into his eleventh incarnation. Both doubted that the Doctor was truly dead.

They found that the Doctor had not died, but had been stranded on a deserted planet by the Shansheeth. Although knowing from her past experiences that the Doctor couldchange his appearance, she was initially taken aback to see how young he now appeared. She learned the Doctor had indeed kept track of her life, even though her constant "on the move" lifestyle had made it difficult for the TARDIS to pinpoint her. He revealed that he visited her and most of his former companions near the end of histenth incarnation's life. Reunited with the Doctor at last, Jo and Sarah Jane stopped the Shansheeth from stealing The  TARDIS. Santiago and she set off to Norway by hovercraft.


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