Jimmy Vee
Vital statistics
Name Jimmy Vee
Role Carl Slitheen & Groske

Jimmy Vee is a British actor and stunt performer known for his work for Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures.


He appeared in various of episodes of Doctor Who, making his debut performance in series 1. He played the roles of the Moxx of Balhoon, the Space Pig, Bannakaffalatta and played the Graske in 3 episodes. In total he appeared in 11 episodes in Doctor Who.

However he appeared more frequently in The Sarah Jane Adventures. He made his first appearance with the series in the first episode, Revenge of the Slitheen as Carl Slitheen. From then on he made numerous more appearances with the show. He played the roles of Krislok on more than one occasion, Carl Slitheen again and Groske for one episode and played another Slitheen in more than one episode. In total he appeared in seven episodes.


Doctor Who CreditsEdit

Year Episode Role
2005 The End of the World Moxx of Balhoon
2005 Aliens of London  Space Pig
2007 Voyage of the Damned  Bannakaffalatta

The Sarah Jane Adventures CreditsEdit

Year Episode Role
2007 Revenge of the Slitheen Korst Gogg Thekk Lutiven Day Slitheen
2007  Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? The Graske
2007 The Lost Boy Nathan Slitheen
2008 The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith The Graske
2009 The Gift Chris Slitheen
2010 Death of the Doctor Groske

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