Captain Jack Harkness is a fictional character played by John Barrowman  in Doctor Who and its spin-off series,Torchwood. The character first appears in the 2005Doctor Who episode "The Empty Child" and subsequently features in the remaining episodes of the 2005 series as acompanion to the series' protagonist, the Doctor. Subsequent to this, Jack became the central character in the adult-themed Torchwood, which aired from 2006 to 2011. Barrowman also reprised the role for guest appearances in Doctor Who in its 2007 series and 2008 series, as well as the two part special The End of Time.

In contrast to the Doctor, Jack is more of a conventionalaction hero, as well as outwardly flirtatious and capable of acts which the Doctor would view as less than noble. In the programme's narrative, Jack begins as a time traveller and former con man from the 51st century, who comes to travel with the Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) and his companion Rose (Billie Piper). In the 2005 finale however, Jack dies and is resurrected by Rose Tyler when she absorbs the immense powers of the time vortex. As a result 

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