Full Moon
Series 5, Story 13 (Halloween Special)
[[Full Moon Unproduced Story Illustration 1 DWMSE 32|250px]]
Air date 31 October - 1 November 2011 (expected)
Written by Clayton Hickman
Starring Elizabeth Sladen, Daniel Anthony, Anji Mohindra, Tommy Knight
Episode guide
[[The Battle of Bannerman Road]]
[[The Station]]

Full Moon was to have been the thirteenth episode of the fifth series of The Sarah Jane Adventures, and the 31st story, overall. It would have also been the first out of four SJA 2011 Halloween Specials, each taking place in Ealing, Bannerman Road.

However, after the unexpected death of Elizabeth Sladen in April 2011, it left the episode and half of Series 5 not filmed and un-produced, resulting to The Man Who Never Was, being the final ever episode of the show and the series.

This special would have also seen another guest appearance by Tommy Knight playing as Luke, and a possible cameo appearnce by Sky Smith, who would have departured in The Battle of Bannerman Road.

Filming for this serial was announced to have been 3 May 2011, and ending seven days later on 10th May, that year. However, it didn't even happened, after Elizabeth passed away last month, that year.

Plot Edit

Set in Halloween 2011, it would have seen. Sarah Jane and the Gang, tracking an unusual alien source, then coming face to face to Pagon Gods, Gog and Magog, who are trying to escape a alien spaceship. Then, they would have kidnapped Sarah Jane and Clyde, mistaking them for alien supreme gods on purpose, and replace them with identical clones, who both set a Bomb onto Sarah Jane's house.

Trivia Edit

  • This would have marked the first time, Gog and Magog meet Rani, Clyde, and Luke and also the first time, they ever appeared on SJA.
  • The Hetocumek from The Curse of Clyde Langer, would have appeared in this story, as Gog and Magog would have made the evil clones of Sarah and Clyde steal it from the London museum.

Cast and Characters Edit

Recurring Edit

Aliens/Enemies Edit

  • Gog - (expected)
  • Magog (expected)
  • Hetocumek - (expected)

Special Guest Stars Edit



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