Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart
Brig and Sarah
Vital statistics
Name Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart
Title General
Brigadier (formerly)
Alias The Brigadier
Status Alive
Friend/Foe Friend
Home Planet Earth
Species Human
Appearances List of Appearances
Actor Nicolas Courtney


General (formerly Brigadier) Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart (commonly nicknamed The Brigadier or The Brig) was one of the founders of UNIT and commander of its UK operations. From his second incarnation onwards, and notwithstanding some early tension between the two during the start of his third incarnation, the Doctor has long considered the Brigadier one of his most trusted Human allies and closest friends. His long association with the Doctor has caused some to include him in the rosters of the Doctor's companions.


The Brig is your usial military officer yelling orders at everyone and not taking no as an answer.

Meeting Luke, Rani and ClydeEdit

Sarah Jane Smith wanted his help to break into the Black Archive a UNIT base which housed artifacts of great danger and power. He did so but was interrupted in his brief with Cal Kilburne. He helped Sarah Jane and Rani Chandra to smuggle themselves into the Black Archives to get the Tunguska Scroll for the Bane called Mrs Wormwood, who claimed she wanted it for honourable purpose. As he escaped with Sarah Jane he was chased by UNIT officers. He helped to knock out another Bane who was posing as a UNIT Major. (SJA: Enemy of the Bane)

Behind the ScenesEdit

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